Classic type

“Classic menu item” is the menu item type which is supported by default in Bootstrap.

Single menu item

To create single menu item which doesn’t have any child menu items. You click “New Level 1 Item” button in menu form to open the form.

  • Title: the title of menu item, this title is displayed in menu.
  • Joomla! menu item: select a Joomla! menu item which this new menu item is linked to.
  • Full width: select “No” as this menu item doesn’t have any children.
  • Sub-level type: select “Classic”.
  • Status: select “Published” to make this menu item visible in your menu, select “Unpublished” if you want to hide it.
  • Ordering: enter your desired ordering number.

Your single menu item is displayed similar to the “Classic” menu item in the below screenshot: